Navigating The Rapids: Unlock Business Growth With Amazon

Amazon is the #1 place where people discover and purchase products online. As the marketplace grows, so does the potential for brands to reach new customers and establish a long-term e-commerce strategy. Even if you don’t have a product on Amazon, you can still take advantage of its exclusive data to reach precise audiences on any screen at any time.

During this session we will teach you how to use Amazon’s advertising capabilities to grow your brand. You will learn how to discover opportunities, develop a profitable advertising program, successfully launch new products, and maximize your share of sales in the marketplace.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Identify your brand’s growth opportunities in the Amazon marketplace
  • Launch new products and have them rank on Amazon
  • Optimize your Amazon storefront and product pages for ranking and conversion
  • Leverage the value of paid efforts to amplify organic sales
  • Develop an optimal customer experience to drive performance KPIs