Conducting User Research with Inconvenient Participants

UX practitioners and product teams are advised to conduct “coffee shop” research in order to gather rapid feedback. While this approach can sometimes yield useful results, it rarely allows UX practitioners to escape beyond the familiarity of their own bubble. In this session, you’ll discover why conducting research with a diversity of participants generates better and more insightful qualitative data. We’ll briefly cover the history and background of participant-based research recruiting. Then you’ll learn methods for conducting cost-effective UX research with participants who may not be as close as the coffee shop at the end of the block, but who are easily identifiable and available to provide your team with valuable insights.

After session you, will be able to:

  • Understand the background, theory, practice behind UX research recruiting
  • The pros and cons of conducting “guerilla” or “coffee shop” UX research methods
  • Quickly and cost-effectively recruit more diverse and insightful participants for your product and UX research studies