Cognitive Technology: The End of Marketers and Marketing As We Know It?

As marketing strategies and practices continue to evolve they are increasingly driven by data, analytics and an ever-growing number of marketing technology solutions. The next wave of marketing will also leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) tools that will enable more strategic insights and decision making, but will also make marketers more efficient and reduce manual and inefficient processes. But what happens to the creative process and the historical right-brain function of marketing? Will computers and machine learning soon replace marketers? In this forward-looking session we’ll share a vision of what the future of machine learning-based marketing looks:

At the end of this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand how machine learning/AI technologies will be used to improve marketing processes and decision making
  • Know which marketing roles and functions are at risk of being “automated”
  • Prepare yourself and your team for the future through a “center-brain marketing” approach